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Fun Foods

1 Bottle (30 Extra Servings): Snow Cones

Snow Cones Bottles

Choose 1 Bottle From Any Of Five Most Popular Flavores: Cherry, Blue Rasbbery, Lime, Orange, Grape Flavours

1 Carton (30 Extra Servings): Candy Floss

Candy Floss

Choose 1 Carton From Any Candy Floss Flavours: Pink Bubble Gum, Red Cherry, or Blue Rasberry)

1 Package (30 Extra Servings): Addictive PopCorn

Addictive PopCorn

Pop the PopCorn Servings Mixed with delicious Salt & Butter Pop in Minutes

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Rent a top quality cotton candy machine for your next party. Supplies are sold separately. The Rental Price included 20 servings.

Pop Corn Machine:(Includes 30 Servings)

Pop Corn Machine

Rent a quality popcorn machine for your next party. Let the pop corn machine do all the work, while you and your guests enjoy the nostalgic feeling of old time theatres and corner vendors. Servings are sold separately.

Snow Cone Machine W Cart

Snow Cone Machine

This high-quality snow cone machine is designed to produce great flavored fun with snow cones that will cool off your summer events! The snow cone machine will crush the ice then just add ice & syrup! The SnoKone maker is ideal for birthday parties, social events, grand openings, trade shows, fundraisers and kid’s parties. NOTE: Customers must supply the ice and cooler for the snow cone machine; usually a 10 to 20 pound bag of ice will be sufficient for a party of approx. 50 kids. Any household cooler or freezer that will keep the bagged ice cold should work fine with the snow cone machine rental. When the ice is a little wet that is the ideal temperature for crushing. If the ice is frosty and white it is to cold and may damage the machine. In this case please wait for the ice the turn wet before using.